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We have successfully represented vendors, purchasers, investors, owners, neighbours, real estate agents, commercial landlords and commercial tenants, resolving hundreds of real estate disputes.  We have secured important Orders and valuable Court Judgments on behalf of our clients.  Our reported decisions include cases establishing new law in the Province of Ontario.

Payne Law can assist you in resolving disputes related to real estate including:


We successfully negotiate and litigate disputes arising from abandoned real estate transactions.  While 99% of our cases settle through negotiation, we are efficient and effective when it comes to securing Judgments.

See for example, Superior Court Judgment and Costs of over $100,000.00 obtained on behalf of vendor as a result of a purchaser’s failure to close: C.S. v. R.N. – Judgment


We solve real estate investment and real estate business disputes, including professional liability claims against real estate professionals.

Where required, we litigate, secure, and enforce Court Judgments on behalf of our clients.

See for example, recent Judgment for over $700,000.00 obtained on behalf of firm client: Sywak v. Collver – Superior Court File No. 18-67074.


We help solve serious boundary, trespass, and nuisance disputes.  Where necessary, we secure and enforce Court Judgments.  For example, in M. W. v. G.B., we successfully enforced $1,093,613.30 Judgment against a neighbour due to flooding damage.  We pursued a forced sale of the neighbour’s property and, as a result, we were able to extract full payment on the Judgment.

The Defendant’s insurer’s attempt to interfere was dismissed by the Superior Court of Justice, with costs.

See Superior Court of Justice decision: State-Farm-Fire-and-Casualty-Company-and-Graziano-Biadi-v.-M.W.-Superior-Court-File-No.-624-18


We have resolved hundreds of tenancy disputes, including complex and high-stakes litigation.  In cases where there is no prospect for reasonable discourse, we thrive in trial and appeal settings.  We always follow through.  See, for example, Superior Court of Justice trial Judgment and Ontario Court of Appeal Order upholding the Judgment for $364,180.70, plus costs, secured on behalf of our client, a commercial tenant:

Superior Court Judgment: Dardha v. Theodore (Sup. Ct.)

Ontario Court of Appeal Judgment: Dardha v. Theodore (ONCA)


We are experienced in handling all manner of property rights disputes.  For example, we were able to set new law at the Ontario Court of Appeal establishing the right to sue by-law enforcement officers and municipalities for negligently enforcing their by-laws.

Read the Ontario Court of Appeal’s formal decision: Rausch v. Pickering (City), ONCA.

Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.  Please speak with us about the facts of your case.

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