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Yan David Payne

Founder, CEO

Yan David Payne, B.A.(Hons), LL.B. articled at a highly-respected civil litigation boutique in Toronto                Read More

Hashim Syed

Lead Designer

Hashim Syed, B.Comm, J.D., graduated law school in 2008 and has since been called to the bar in both Ontario and in the U.S.  Read More

Karen J. Sanchez

Web Developer

Karen J. Sanchez, B.A., J.D., articled and began practicing law at a well-established and well-respected boutique firm a  Read More

Janice Ly

Lead Designer

Janice Ly started working in the legal field in 2009.   Read More

Megan Oxenham

Lead Designer

Megan Oxenham, B.A., is the firm’s office manager and senior litigation clerk. No stranger to conflict resolution, Read More

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Yan David Payne, B.A.(Hons), LL.B. articled at a highly-respected civil litigation boutique in Toronto.  He later headed the litigation division of a commercial and tax litigation firm in Toronto, taking on full responsibility for important cases and successfully taking numerous cases to trial and to appeal over the years that followed.  Ultimately, Mr. Payne’s drive, work ethic and successes led colleagues and clients alike to follow him to his private practice, which was founded in 2005/2006.

He has acted as principal and mentor to articling students and to new lawyers over the years.  Mr. Payne has been retained to lead a variety of litigation cases.  He has represented clients in tax matters, defamation actions, wrongful and constructive dismissal matters, human rights, commercial disputes, contentious estate litigation, and complex appeal proceedings, among others.

Mr. Payne has been appointed by the Superior Court of Ontario as Independent Supervising Counsel and has advised and represented a broad range of clients from individual employees to established corporations, from small and medium-sized businesses to domestic, foreign, national and international organizations, from the chief of police, top ranked athletes, university professors, the Mayor of a major Canadian City, to court officials, professional regulatory and insurance bodies, as well as other professionals including lawyers, accountants, and doctors.

He has been assigned to mediate and arbitrate a broad range of disputes.  Mr. Payne has an outstanding trial and appeal record including numerous widely-reported cases.  For example, see the precedent-setting unanimous Ontario Court of Appeal decision of Rausch v. Pickering (City) 2013 ONCA 740 which recognized, for the first time, a duty of care upon a municipality and its by-law officers in the enforcement of by-laws.

In Loyst v. Chatten’s Better Hearing Service 2012 ONSC 1653, Mr. Payne secured an impressive wrongful dismissal award for lost wages equal to a 29-month period plus a 15% ownership interest in the company for a total award of $256,902.93 (the decision was unanimously upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal, see Loyst v. Chatten’s Better Hearing Service, 2013 ONCA 781).

In Osinski v. Her Majesty the Queen 2013 TCC 71, Mr. Payne defeated the Canada Revenue Agency and the Department of Justice, overturning $3.8 Million+ in taxes, penalties, and interest in favour of taxpayer.  In the recent 2017 case Her Majesty the Queen v. M. S., 1211 998 16 361300, Mr. Payne was able to secure an Order for the withdrawal of 20 tax evasion charges against an accountant and for the return of all seized property.

Mr. Payne is always eager to play David to Bay Street’s Goliath.  The Ontario Court of Appeal recently accepted Mr. Payne’s arguments dismissing Fasken’s attempt to exercise a $360,000.00 solicitor’s lien against its former individual client – see Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Weenen v. Biadi , 2018 ONCA 288 and related article about Mr. Payne’s handling of the case: Court of Appeal dismisses Fasken’s motion for charging order against client – The Lawyer’s Daily – PDF.  Please visit our Reported Cases section to review numerous other court victories secured by senior member of the bar, Yan David Payne.

Hashim Syed, B.Comm, J.D., graduated law school in 2008 and has since been called to the bar in both Ontario and in the U.S.  He earned a 3-year scholarship, and a certificate of merit for achieving the highest grade in advanced legal research.

Over the past 9 years, he has developed extensive litigation experience before the Ontario Court of Appeal, Divisional Court, Ontario Superior Court, Ontario Court of Justice, Tax Court of Canada, as well as various tribunals, all in addition to US State Courts.

He has been retained to handle a broad range of commercial, tax, and civil litigation matters including conflict of laws, international and domestic contract disputes, shareholder disputes, employment disputes, and estate litigation, involving amounts ranging upwards of $15,000,000.00 in value.

Mr. Syed thrives in a trial setting.  Recently, he secured a Superior Court Judgment at a contentious trial against a defendant for blowing the engine of a borrowed BMW (see K.T. v. P.B., 2018 ONSC 96).  Also recently, Mr. Syed obtained leave to continue an action against a defendant who had filed for bankruptcy (see Order from bankruptcy court in London - June 6.18) permitting the client to pursue his claim for fraud.  In 2018, Mr. Syed successfully defended against a summary judgment motion attempt (see reported decision: Lourenco v. Turner, 2018 ONSC 3252).  He has handled unusual wrongful dismissal trials (including securing a $75,000.00 monetary award plus costs of $35,000.00 for employee, despite employer having cause for termination – see Grossi v. Premier Salons Ltd., 2014 ONSC 5028), tax appeals and hearings (for example, Tax Court Judgement reversing $546,000.00 tax assessment in HST collection dispute – see formal  Judgement – February 2016, and Tax Court of Canada Judgement in Lesnerv. Her Majesty the Queen: Income Tax Judgment Dated August 5, 2014 (Heard July 18, 2014)), and commercial disputes at various levels of court including Superior Court and appellate court.  See August 24, 2016 Superior Court decision in Ramos v. Can-Med Pharma Inc., 2016 ONSC 5363 wherein Mr. Syed obtained an Order dismissing an Application brought by out-of-country Applicant for failure to post security for costs.

See also Divisional Court judgement quashing an unfounded appeal before it can be heard, thus saving client time and cost and obtaining full indemnity cost award of $25,337.10 –  Judgement of Justice Kiteley entered Jun 2014.  In 2017, Mr. Syed obtained a rare and extraordinary Order for costs as against a client’s former lawyer – see Exceptional Order for Costs to Be Paid By Previous Lawyer – Sep.29.17.

He is familiar with customs in Arabic and Japanese, conversational French, and a basic understanding of Hindi and Urdu.

Karen J. Sanchez, B.A., J.D., articled and began practicing law at a well-established and well-respected boutique firm and she became a contributing member of that practice, eventually handling a broad range of litigation cases.

Over the past 5+ years, Ms. Sanchez has handled a broad range of court and appellate cases including court victories at Superior Court and at the highest appellate court in the Province.  See, for example,  General Electric Canada Real Estate Financing Holding Co. v. Liberty Assisted Living Inc., 2013 ONCA 119 where she was successful in overturning a lower court decision.  See also successful motion staying summary judgement and obtaining security for costs:  Talisman v. Kyser, 2013 ONSC 6612.  Ms. Sanchez has secured rare and extraordinary remedies for firm clients including obtaining a Mareva injunction freezing assets of defendants before they were served with a claim or even notified, and then having the order expanded and extended on notice (see June 5, 2018 Order of the Honourable Justice McEwen).  Ms. Sanchez recently obtained leave to continue an action against a defendant who filed for bankruptcy permitting firm client to pursue claim without restriction (see Jovkovic v. Silverio Manuel DaSilva a.k.a. Manny DaSilva, Court File No. 35-2314079).

She has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, before various boards and tribunals (including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Toronto Police Services Disciplinary Tribunal, the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Ontario Disability Support Program, the Human Rights Tribunal, and Ontario Works) and she has worked on Supreme Court of Canada appellate litigation.

Ms. Sanchez has the ability to attract media spotlight as was the case recently when she represented 10 applicants at the Human Rights Tribunal (watch Ms. Sanchez and applicants interviewed by CBC and Global News and read more about the front-page news in the Toronto Star and CBC Online) and read Decision of Human Rights Tribunal Adjudicator D. Sanderson obtained by Ms. Sanchez in favour of diverse group of applicants before the Human Rights Tribunal as well as updated March 9, 2016 Toronto Star article reporting on the win.

Ms. Sanchez is focused on delivering results in all manner of disputes including employment, human rights, commercial, estates, and tax disputes through focused negotiations, court motions, trials, and appeals.  Her academic credentials are excellent including being on the Dean’s Honour Roll and graduating Cum Laude prior to being called to the Ontario bar.

Ms. Sanchez is also fluent in Spanish.

Janice Ly started working in the legal field in 2009.  She is an accredited law clerk having obtained her diploma from Seneca College's Law Clerk Program. She is fluent in English and also understands Cantonese.

Megan Oxenham, B.A., is the firm’s office manager and senior litigation clerk.  No stranger to conflict resolution, Ms. Oxenham brings her Bay Street firm experience and  her background as Special Assistant to the Premier of Ontario to the Payne Law team. She has been a valued member of the team since 2006.